Build your own Information System


Knowing that all our solutions are developed internally by a competent multidisciplinary team and in addition to our predefined packs, Spider network supports you in the digital transition of your company and offers you innovative strategies in terms of personalization and integration of its solution You need specialized integrators and certified experts to successfully deploy your projects: a new IT architecture, outsourced processes, innovation programs, etc. We are leading initiatives that combine commitment and innovation.

What approach to follow?


Study the needs and requirements

The definition of needs and requirements corresponds to the stage in which we discuss with our client and his future users to understand what they need: WHO should be able to do WHAT? During this step, we also define the precise requests, such as compliance with certain graphic standards, response times, the hardware on which our solution should work.


Develop and test new modules

Development is the stage in which IT specialists have a blast! They create the new module using our ESMA development core, once finished, we check that the new modules work and meet the needs defined at the start of the project. This testing phase can include software validation with the client and/or users. It is even more than desired.


Graphic customization

We believe that it is essential to offer an interface created in your image, you thus benefit from a highly ergonomic and personalized interface following your graphic charter, including your Logo when starting the solution.


Ensure maintenance

Maintenance is the period following installation and during which anomalies and problems must be corrected.