Our achievements

In addition to our turnkey solutions, Spider Network has supported several public administrations and economic operators in the development and implementation of their own information systems, namely:

COVIDDZ is the one and the only platform used by the Algerian Ministry of Health to manage the COVID-19 pandemic, equipped with several data collection modules as well as national and local dashboards. The platform is deployed at the level of the 700 health establishments in Algeria.
SOUDOUD DZAIR is a cloud management platform for dams in operation and under construction equipped with a cartographic cartridge that allows you to display dynamic dashboards in real-time
Cityleaks an optimal solution for alerting and monitoring the treatment of water leakage anomalies.
BIBLIOTECH INPFP is a web-based library management platform deployed at the INPFP documentation centre. It allows a complete digitalization of a document centre with more than 26,000 books.
Procedural a platform for managing administrative procedures, it allows automation and centralization of the filing and processing of requests for approval, authorization, visa, passport, etc.
MyDam a solution based on our alert and monitoring system, it collects information on discharges, waste, etc. at dams.
Biati, is an alert and monitoring system for environmental offences. The offences are classified by region and by category to enable local authorities to intervene quickly and effectively.
HRMS is the version of our integrated human resources management solution at the level of the health sector in Algeria, several modules have been added to meet the needs of the sector.
PNES is a national student assessment and monitoring system, unified for all paramedical training schools in Algeria. It allows you to follow a student's career with a single click
PNGEC is a geographic information system for real-time monitoring of classified establishments to contribute to better management of coastal areas which regularly receive pollutant discharges as well as coves and beaches appreciated by the public.
Scan of cadastral maps at the national level than the development of software for archiving and editing cadastral maps for the benefit of the National Cadastre Agency (N.C.A).
SIG of a grouping of communes of Ain-Temouchent (Commune: Ain-Temouchent, Chentouf, Chaabat Leham, Sidi Ben Adda) to the profile of the Ministry of the Environment and Regional Planning.