A turnkey service including hosting, backups & updates


Today, Cloud Computing offers us sophisticated services (online software, data backup, etc.) that can be used at will from anywhere in the world as long as we have an Internet connection. Cloud is a trend shift, instead of getting functionality and computing power through the acquisition of hardware and software, use the computing power and storage made available by Spider network through a simple browser web.

Spider network offers a multitude of solutions distributed in SaaS mode(Software As A Service) . Thanks to this mode the concept of Cloud is now taking center stage, SaaS consists of offering you online applications, consumed, and paid on demand. SaaS, therefore, corresponds to a new economic model that is being implemented in addition to already existing licensing models.

But what Advantage does cloud computing offer?


A turnkey service

Spider network guarantees you a full range of services when you take out a subscription to one of our solutions: hosting, maintenance, backup, security, technical support are all elements included in the proposed subscription. So many tasks you won't have to worry about!


No IT staff needed internally

Most companies are by no means IT experts and they must also ‘’ focus ’on customer service. Adopting our SaaS solutions means saving the cost of an IT technician to perform all the tasks mentioned above.


A solution accessible from anywhere

Our solutions do not require any installation. A simple browser and an internet connection are sufficient. In a context where you sometimes work away from your seat, a huge advantage to consider since we offer you working comfort and optimal efficiency.


Pricing according to changing needs

We always offer a tailored price to the number of users. Small teams pay little, larger structures more. You can also increase the number of users during the contract if your team grows. No surprises in the costs, you have complete control over your IT expenses and you can adjust accordingly as your business grows.


A highly secure environment

The software hosted in the cloud often raises some questions about data security. With a highly secure infrastructure, all our servers are equipped with an Anti-DDOS system, major brand firewalls, WAFs, an antivirus as well as periodic backups!


Updates made simple

Opting for a cloud solution means choosing not to have to worry about installing updates on all workstations in your company. We run updates overnight so as not to disrupt your work, so an "Updates" section within our solutions will allow you as a user to learn about new features recently released.