Simplify processing procedures

PROCEDURAL is a centralized platform for the dematerialization of administrative request processing procedures (Approvals, authorizations, visa, passport, etc.).

PROCEDURAL has a web portal dedicated to the applicant, the latter facilitates the submission of documents as well as the monitoring of various stages, from the request creation to the obtention of the final document. The centralized processing platform is equipped with several step-by-step validation modules, as well as a rich palette for creating new procedures or editing an already existing one.


- For the applicant:
  • Reduction in processing times.
  • Gains in productivity and flexibility whatever the demand and the volumes handled.
  • Full visibility on the progress of each step
- For administration
  • Fast and efficient processing of requests
  • An almost immediate return on investment in workflows.
  • Control of risks and quality of service.
  • Short implementation time, thanks to a web-based interface.

Application domain :

Here are some areas of application
  • Application and renewal of approvals
  • Application and renewal of authorizations and special authorizations
  • Visa application
  • Request for administrative papers (birth certificate, residence, etc.)
  • Request for identity documents (passport, national card, etc.)
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